Where form meets function

A few weeks ago we previewed the soon to drop Mr. Cartoon figures with some production scatches. Now we can finally thanks to Vinylpulse show you some live pictures of the figure and the outcomes is simply stunning.
“Mr. Cartoon built his well-deserved reptuation on his beautiflly detailed and highly sought after tattoo art. So while the overall figure design, based on Cartoon’s established Lost Angels character, is shaping up very nicley, the tattoos are the standout highlight by far.  Judging by these shots, the tattoos on the figure excel both artisticly in faithfully representing Cartoon’s art and technically as they appear to be some of the most complex pad prints to date.  The 14″ tall figure with flocked white wings  is covered with his signature tattoos on his chest, back, arms, stomach and shoulders. ”
Packaged in a flip-up window box, Mister Cartoon will be available in four limited-edition colorways starting with the initial  gray mono colorway dropping near the end of February ’07 and will retail for $130.00.

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