Hardly ever have we seen a site make its round so fast and gaining so many fans around the globe – Don’t Believe the Hypbeast. The essence of their site was to criticize all the ridiculous happenings in our small niche market and to look at many things with a funny and ironic point of view.
In the end the real irony was, that the same people that visit sites like ours, fans and lovers of so-called streetwear and sneakers, were also the people that also visit DBTHb and that took much out of the seriousness away and made the site even more fun. They gave this market some balance one can say.
A while back we get a mysterious email, telling us that we were allowed to interview the creators of DBTHb. Haters have to stay anonymous, and that’s exactly what they did. But we took the chance and interviewed them and it seems like it was the only chance ever to get this interview as the site seems dead at the  moment.
Enough talking now. Head on over to read the Interview with Satchel and Johnny Tens and see what the real point of view of the DBTHb-Creators is on the market and people in it. We actually managed to get a few real answers out of them.

Read the Feature here…

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