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It’s always a pity to see these kind of things happen. Over the past few months, the Australian Jeans Brand Tsubi was in court with shoemaker Tsubo. Tsubo sued them, because apparently the name was too close to theirs and the fields the two companies work in as well. They won the case and as a result Tsubi is only allowed to keep their name in Australia. For the rest of the world they have to change the name and decided to go for Ksubi.
A little company like Tsubi, after having made a name for themselves, now has to start all over again and make the name Ksubi known! Support them, as they are independent and make great denim! It would be a pity to see them go down for such a stupid reason! They also recently presented their first range of sunglasses, that also look outstanding!
To express their feeling about these latest happenings they created an exhibition and also the domain Peaced Off – nice move!

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