The new article “Chasing Dash Snow”, is a great read on the downtown artscene in NYC at the moment. It’s a detailed look at Dash Snow and his two best friends Dan Colen and Ryan McGinley, both also well known artists.
“While many bemoan the loss of bohemia, a few twentysomething artists are actually doing something about it. How Ryan McGinley and Dan Colen are turning De Menil heir Dash Snow into their Edie Sedgwick and filling a debauched downtown niche.”
Reading about Warhol and Basquiat at the time, was always very exciting and the way they behaved and acted was so far away from reality, that the art they created was somewhat more special and real. One gets the same feeling, when reading this article. Dash Snow is a real artist, and he lives it day in and day out, even if he does not see it that way.
Also it’s very interesting to see how one of the founders of the Irak Crew has made such an impact in the art world. Inspirational!
Read it here!

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