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Japanese photographer Yonehara, also known as the Terry Richardson of Japan has made his mark in the art world with his photos of young Japanese girls in a range of alluring and sensual situations. Now the photographer has teamed up with NY based visual communications master and streetwear guru Jeff Staple. Together they’ve created a series of photos of Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa and model Sakiko Ann Sugano that serve as a look book for Staple Design’s 10th anniversary limited edition T-shirt collection.
Jeff Staple approached 25 friends, peers and inspirational figures- all prominent figures in the contemporary art and design fields and asked them to collaborate in the limited edition T-shirt project. Each artist was issued a cleverly themed anagram which they had to incorporate into their work. The words in the selected anagrams relate to each other in meaning as well as in spelling, and also reflect on the artist in particular ways. Participating artists include graffiti legend Stash, performance artist/photographer Young Kim, and Stussy creative director Paul Mittleman, to name a few.
The photos were on exhibition as part of Yonehara’s first solo show at Staple Design’s NYC boutique, The Reed Space in December 2006. Now, the catalog is available for sale for 30 USD.
More pictures of the catalog after the jump.

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