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“January 10th, 49 B.C. – Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon invading Rome in violation of Rome’s laws, causing a civil war. “Alea iacta est,” Caesar cried, as his army advanced past the waters of the Rubicon, meaning, “The die has been cast.”

More than two thousand years later, Daniel St. George releases his new body of work entitled “Burning Bridges.” Just like Julius Caesar, St. George comes to grips with his own difficulties with friendships, love and life, ultimately making decisions that will never be undone and crossing his own Rubicon.

Like all St. George’s work, Burning Bridges is autobiographical, letting the viewers into his life to see his relationships and conflicts with women, family, friends and other artists, as well as his social dilemmas, paranoia, self loathing and dark humor.  The exhibition will consist of over thirty new pieces, all on stained and scorched paper, allowing the audience to see the struggles the artist has with the subject matter as well as the media.”
Along with new body of work, St. George will be creating a limited edition t-shirt exclusively for Stussy SF, which will be for sale at the store that comes with 32-page zine. The exhibition will take place at Stussy SF January 27th/28th. Event flyer you can see after the jump.

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