This year  is an exciting year for sneakers and sneakerheads. The Nike  AF1 turned 25 ! And here we are in 2007 celebrating an icon of the women’s sneaker game as well: The Freestyle Hi by Reebok.
To celebrate the event  Reebok commissioned a series of special editions of the Freestyle Hi. Feast your eyes on the very exclusive collaboration between Rolland Berry X Basquiat (our favorite of the bunch).
Here a brief bio of the sneaker so you get an idea:
The Freestyle Hi was made famous in the 80’s when it  became the quintessential fitness footwear of the Aerobics crazed era, slouchy socks,tights, unitards and leotards, you get the picture.. The Freestyle which also exists in a low top version  made of Reebok a pioneer  and a leader in the athletic/lifestyle footwear  for Women.
Since we all know that fashion is a cycle…. girls started to look for  Hi top sneakers that were original and not as bulky as some men’s styles and there they were their moms 80’s kicks !! The Trensetters of this world gave  the “Freestyle Hi “a new life  you can spot  them on the feet  of  Williamsburg Hipsters,  Flatbush and Harlem round  the way gals as well as Euro pop stars (M.I.A) who would have tought….(Sgp)
See some of the 25th Anniversary styles right after the jump!

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