Where the runway meets the street

These days it’s not easy doing your own thing and not getting carried away. Certain styles seem to be the most successful and it’s never easy to take your own way and to fight for it – making it happen.
If you look at the skateboarding scene in Hong Kong one of the most influential individuals is definitely Brian from 8Five2. He started off a distribution company, that later on also evolved into a retail concept and he was the first to educate the HK market and to show them what is really out there. It seemed like this was not enough for him, thus he also created his own clothing line, Know1edge. The line is getting better season after season and we are always surprised how consequently Brian grows the line, introducing new styles and creating lots of classics. Other interesting projects of his involve the watches he created with Haze and Maharishi lately.
As you can see Brian is a very busy person. Thus we are even more happy that we managed to catch up with him to talk about his shop, Hong Kong, Know1edge and what else there is to come.
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