This Spring Colette celebrates its 10th anniversary and for that occassion they have a special project with Lacoste, that incorporates collaborations on polo shirts and sneakers.

“There are 14 LACOSTE polos in the playful series, each with a different Cap & Pep design. “As for an animation movie,” says worldwide famous title-directors Kuntzel+Deygas, “the larger-than life LACOSTE crocodile logo decides to leave its iconic position for a walk up around the shoulder, and Cap&Pep take the opportunity to try to take his place. The story develops over the 14 polos as the crocodile travels under the collar and back down the chest and finally returns to reclaim his territory. As for each of our creations with Cap & Pep, it’s all about life and motion”. There is a special Caperino & Peperone tag sewn in the collar, and each polo comes in an exclusive plastic pipe packaging. During 14 days, colette will launch one new polo each day.”

“For the Observe sneakers, there are two pairs of Cap & Pep designs on white leather and mesh hi-tops with the dogs chasing the crocodile on one foot and being chased on the other foot. The inside lining as well as the laces are specially printed with a message: ‘Caperino & Peperone Love LACOSTE’.
The polos will retail for 140 euros and the sneakers for 120 euros for men, 100 euros for women. They will be sold at colette and on the website from March 1st. In addition, the stylish department store Isetan Shinjuku in Tokyo will feature an exhibition of Caperino & Peperone called ‘A Round World’ from 11-24 April, and the polos and sneakers will also be sold at the Tagline shop inside that store.” Via SNKRFRKR.
Not only a great project, also the outcome of the products is great. Simple, meaningful instant classics!

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