Where the runway meets the street

Next week another new denim company will debut – Yoropiko. From the creator and designer of Red Monkey RMC jeans. Martin Ksohoh aka Martin Yat Ming is launching new denim line – Yoropiko.
Here are some detailed shots of 18K and 24K gold buttons – distinct features on a new denim brand YOROPIKO, a new luxury label developed by Martin Yat Ming.
The buttons are the distinct feature. Each is specially tailor-made in a very limited quantity by a team of jewelers, using precious stones such as rubies, sapphires, beryls, diamonds, and rare metals like silver and gold, for finishings. Thus, transforming simple, chic denims into elegant and brilliant artworks.
YOROPIKO is a playful term created by Martin based on the Japanese word Yoroshiku, which means suggestion welcome!
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