From the ground up

We are very happy to give you below some insight on the most interesting launch by Nike in a while. We were already very excited about the sneaker before, but once you find out what lead Nike to make it and what the details of the Talaria stand for, it is so much more impressive.
In 1997, Nike released the original Air Talaria to wide acclaim throughout the running community. Now in 2007, Nike’s Innovation Kitchen has taken the iconic running product and envisioned it through an entirely different innovation lens to create the Talaria Chukka 2007.  

The Nike Talaria Chukka is balanced gracefully between two points of reference: One the original, and two the cutting-edge technology of today, which opens up new avenues of innovation.

With one eye on the past and one eye on the future, Nike created the Talaria Chukka as a fusion between the distinct influences of athletic performance, street style and world-renown design.

Laser etched atop the leather upper is a design created by Luedecke, which is meant to mimic the anatomical structure of the foot, complete with bones, nerves, blood vessels, tendons, muscles and veins. A similar mapping of the foot’s structure is visible on the outsole, just beneath the cover of a clear sole. Together with this fine artistic rendering, the Talaria Chukka also offers a supremely well-crafted fit with minimal foam for beautiful lines and a more custom feel.

For extra spring in the two color schemes, bright highlights are juxtaposed against darker backdrops. One colorway features black with neon coloring, while the other features black with tennis ball yellow. On the heel of both colorways a reflective patch reading Talaria celebrates the shoe’s lineage.
The white version that you see all the way on top is a hand crafted sample that also designer Tom Luedecke created. Unfortunately that model will not be produced nor sold. The details are incredible and show once again how creative footwear can actually be. Once tends to forget with all the classics re-releases these days. The Nike Talaria Chukka launched at Nike Tier 0 accounts worldwide yesterday, February 14th.

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