From the ground up

Supra, a sneaker company coming out of the skate industry, is presenting this year at Untied their non-skate range (NS) range, with which they want to break into a completely new market. You can view the new collection at United Tradeshow at the moment.
The new line consists of about 10 sneakers to start with and features only high tops with premium materials. Prices range from 180 USD to 220 USD and the target market for these sneakers is high end fashion. We can clearly say that that’s where they belong. All sneakers are beautifully executed and look incredible. In fact we would even put them in terms of look right beside a Dior Homme, that’s how high end the Supra NS line looks.
We give you here a first look at what you can expect from them to come out as of this coming Fall and will give you soon the full scoop. Not only are they bringing out this non-skate collection, they also distribute it in a new way. They will actually drop as of August one sneaker per month in selected accounts. Something to look out for.
Check the line out after the jump.

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