Following from the successful publication Vinyl Will Kill!, the first book in the world on the designer toy phenomenon (featured in Wallpaper magazine’s book of the month), Jeremyville and publishers IdN have joined forces again to create ‘Jeremyville Sessions’.

Collaboration is the new art movement of our times. It is part of the zeitgeist of the 21st century; a very modern phenomenon bringing disparate designers together who would otherwise never have worked with each other. This is the first book to dissect the process of collaborations, by showcasing over 300 artists and companies and their collaborations with Jeremyville.

Jeremyville Sessions examines the collaborative process through the mediums of toys, tees, accessories, sketchels, art shows, animations and much more.

The book shows why collaboration is fast becoming the number 1 vocabulary in today’s design movement, and why the process is more complex and subtle than it may at first seem.
You can now get this great publication here. It comes along with a fold out poster, die cut sticker sheet and a DVD featuring toy templates, animations, wallpapers, screensavers, a game, interviews, art shows and short movies.

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