As you know, Converse introduced NBA star Dwyane Wade’s newest signature shoe, WADE 2.0, and apparel line at the NBA All-Star Game in Las Vegas.  The product launch continues with the debut of Converse’s fully-integrated advertising campaign called “ALL IN,” tonight, when the spot premieres on TNT Sports
The “ALL IN” concept comes to life in print, out-of-home and television executions, which portray a wide variety of basketball players engaged in the game alongside Wade.  The “ALL IN” tagline serves as an equalizer between the NBA star and players of all levels.  From kids to adults, the campaign celebrates the passion of playing basketball by a diverse group of people.
Miami rap artist Rick Ross joined the “ALL IN” campaign by creating an original track for the television spots.  In order to meet a growing trend in the youth market, the song is brought to life on video through an original video scratching technique by Video DJ Jordan Laws.  Viewers will see Dwyane’s moves video mixed in with those of his fellow players.
The new All-In ad will premier during tonights TNT game. You can see a first preview here.

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