Where the runway meets the street

Rip-Off & Duplicate is a very special brand that will launch their first collection for Spring 2007, so in the coming weeks. During our visit of Magic in August 2006 we saw the brand for the first time and one can clearly say, that it was “the” brand that was sticking out and that everybody was talking about. Created by Omar, the man behind the Commonwealth stores, you can be sure that a person with lots of experience and knowledge in this industry is behind it and you are not doing wrong in setting your expectations high.
Rip-Off & Duplicate impresses with an entire cut & sew line and does pretty much everything different from any brand that we have come across so far, while making it still simple enough to wear. That’s pretty hard to come across these days. T-shirts with shirt collars, crewneck sweaters with polka dot shirt cuffs, shorts with crazy patterns and amazing jackets can be found in their debut collection.

We are glad to be able to show you some pieces of the collection, but we can already tell you that there is much more to it, so keep the expectations high and be prepared for something really nice. Pictures taken from LTD Issue Spring 07.
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