As usual Know1edge is up to something special and does it properly. Hypebeast reports about Know1edge getting together with Evisu to produce a special piece for a charity project.
“The set was “handcrafted using Evisu’s selvage denim sewn together in a patchwork formation onto solid wood.” According to Know1edge and Evisu, the white pieces represent “Fact” and “Truth,” while the black pieces represent, “Media.” The pieces were created by using pieces of a magazine, and were all hand-made by Annie Lee Siswojo. All proceeds will go to the Children’s Cancer Foundation in HK.”
The set will be touring the Evisu and D-Mop store in Hong Kong:
April 11 to 17 – EVISU Ocean Terminal Store (OT 304, Tsim Sha Tsui)
April 18 to 27 – D-MOP Kingston St Store (Upper floor, Causeway Bay)
April 28 to May 8 – EVISU Ocean Terminal Store (OT 304, Tsim Sha Tsui)

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