Usually we have the pleasure of giving you previews of new collections. Today we can actually preview a magazine, that will hit shelves as of August 4 times per year. The intro of the magazine best describes what it is about.
“This is the preview issue of a survival guide for smart people who realize that every buying decision is made better with more options…. With that in mind Antenna is scanning every product category imaginable and forcing everything that survives scrutiny – basically, the stuff that is too good to ignore – to co-exist within an elite, static-free environment. In alphabetical order, no less. As you can see from this first look of Antenna, we aren’t chasing fleeting trends that we read about in some Japanese magazine, nor are we sending coded messages – urban, suburban, wearing a turban, whatever – to attract a particular demographic. We are about the product itself, and Antenna will display it in a manner the creators intended. Meaning: none of the “concept shoots” that make everything look rediculous. We are also trying to do something a little different by widening our gaze into a consumerist world by profiling the people who make, sell or collect things that you fiend for…. By now you have figured out that we have absolutely no regard for what some celebrity has in his or her closet/car/pockets. We are , however, obsessed with what you have in your closet/car/pockets and that’s why you are just as likely to see a page of crazy looking keychains or cigarette lighters, as you are snowboards or video games.”
From a first look the magazine looks really interesting and one will probably start collecting it once it comes out to look back after a few years what was hot at the time. The pictures are raw – just real. And that is really nice to see for once. The first issue will be 3 times the size of the preview issue that we have in hand now and that means that we definitely have something to look out for. Besides tons of products shots they also have articles on Keith Hufnagel, Gabriel Urist, Chris Chen and Todd Shimabuku as well as shop reviews of Duffer London, Goods Seattle, Nort/Recon NYC and a lot more.
Check all the pics after the jump to get an idea and feel for these magazine, that might just have found the right mix and the right idea to motivate you again to go out there and buy a magazine instead of just reading it all up on the net!

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