This March, Oakley will be offering an exclusive sunglass with an artistic treatment designed by David Flores.  This will be the first original David Flores Signature Sunglass. 

David Flores is well known for his portraits of celebrities and renderings of cultural icons. His unique artistic style involves crisscrossing curved line segments that almost remind us of the metal structure found in stained glass work. Toy collectors have already been given a taste of David Flores in designer form through the recently released “Evil” and “Bad 8” Dunnys and Kidrobot’s “Konartis”.
Not only did the artist design the sunglasses, but also the matching box and pouch for the sunglasses. Also he will be on tour from the 19th of March until the 23rd of March, showcasing his new signature Oakley Sunglasses. The tour starts in the Oakley store in San Francisco.

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