From the ground up

UNDR-CRWN has been from day one a very special brand, hard to compare to anybody else out there. Basing the inspiration of the brand entirely on basketball, they still take a completely new angle in comparison to the rest of the basketball clothing market. One can look at UNDR-CRWN more as a lifestyle brand. The clothing somebody that plays basketball or has played basketball or is interested in basketball wears in his free time. Their goal is to become what Lacoste is with tennis for basketball and they are on the right way.

Here you see now their Spring 2007 collection. They developed the line a lot for this season and you can find tees, hoodies, trackjackets, shorts, belts, pants and of course their very own sneakers in the line-up. One can clearly say that colorways and patterns  created by UNDR-CRWN are very unique and at times impressive.
Enough talking now. The new line is right now getting into stores worldwide. Check out the new Spring collection after the jump now!

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