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We came across Copy recently at the United Tradeshow in Las Vegas and even though fall is still a little ahead, we wanted to take this chance to properly introduce the brand.
Fall 2007 marks the third season for COPY ( and the collection is getting much more attention than ever before.  Until recently, COPY designer Murphy Martines was the creative director for a billion dollar fashion conglomerate, designing and managing over 400 pieces per year at the age of 28.  Murphy says: “Working within the corporate structure of an apparel giant I enabled me to travel extensively around the globe meeting with sources in all regions of the
world including South America, India and Asia.  I visited the factories and saw first hand the manufacturing process, fabric development and how finishes are created and applied to garments.  The education I received is essential and now ALL my resources are focused on COPY.  Im so glad that I got in and out while I was still young and didn’t come out jaded at the end.”

When asked what was different this season for COPY, Murphy tells HS: “The blazer hoody is the surprise hit of this season.  We made clean denim for the first time which stores are embracing as well.  The plaid/stripe combination shorts are key, hooded button ups & a double woven shirt sewn into one piece sets the collection apart from other brands.”
When we saw the brand live we were most impressed by the interesting cuts on their collection. They did a great job mixing different styles of clothing, such as combining the cardigan and the hoodie into one piece.
COPY has just released their Fall 2007 look book online at and the collection will hit the shelves of Unsteady, True, Ikon & Bodega mid July.
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