Where form meets function

In the east/west propaganda project, agnès b. brings together for the first time two preeminent figures of the international street art scene for a confrontation of their respective graphic spheres. Based on the principal of emulation and collaboration, this project initiates a visual dialogue between Shepard Fairey and WK Interact, two artists working in divergent yet surprisingly complementary styles. The artists will produce original works for the show both individually and collectively – calling upon the practices of two-handed drawings, cadavre exquis and graphic ping-pong.

The exhibition will be inaugurated at the Tokyo Wonder Site art center in Tokyo, (March 22 – April 22), before traveling to the galerie du jour agnès b. in Paris (May 16 – June 30). In addition to original works and editions produced especially for the occasion, the show will be enriched by wall pieces created in situ for the Tokyo and Paris galleries. This experiment will provide the public the opportunity to observe that their work is as convincing in the exhibition space as it is in the street.

Since the exhibition is produced by Agnes B. the collaboration of course goes even further. An entire clothing collection featuring the artwork of the two artists is being presented as well and will be available for purchase at Agnes B. stores. The collection consists of tees, shirts, denim, bags, hats, skirts and more. See all the pieces of the collection after the jump as well as some pictures of the current situation in Tokyo, where people are already waiting for this exhibition to start in about 4 days (on site photographer Jim from Pulp68 is right now in Tokyo and took some pics).
All that after the jump.

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