A few weeks ago we joined TrendMill, a new fashion community website to check it out and after using it for a while we can now give you a small review.
Let’s first come to the functions. Trendmill of course has the usual features of any community site, which include messaging, uploading pictures, publishing articles, connecting with friends (which they call entourage) and some more functions. Most interesting in this new network is for sure the Mill. People can post up products into the Mill and these then get rated by the rest of the community. You can check the most popular products by type (top, bottom, shoes, accessories) and also by week. It’s fun to go through these and to check out what people put up there. Also you have stores posting products into the Mill, that right away tell you the availability and link back to their online stores. If you see something interesting you can then right away go off and purchase it. Another interesting function on the TrendMill website is the Industry section. There you can go through brand profiles, learn brand backgrounds, get to know new brands and learn more about old brands. It’s almost like a Wiki.
All in all TrendMill is definitely a new community website with an added value. Now we just have to see if it will be more widely excepted. Because like all community sites, it’s only fun if the community is active and builds it.
Check out some more screenshots of different parts of TrendMill after the jump.

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