From the ground up

Here you see the second project running under “Super Team33” by New Balance. The new pack consists of two New Balance 1400’s, featuring plaid, high quality leathers and stingray materials at the back of the shoes.
“Born in 1906 as an arch support company in Boston, New Balance has been consistently producing ‘Made in U.S.A.’ products with the highest reputation of comfort and high technology. A team consisting of the best engineers from the ‘Made in U.S.A.’ manufacturing line, will be launching it’s second “Super Team 33″ project on April 2007.

What is Super Team 33?

Out of the 6 New Balance factories in the USA, one of the best is located in Skowhegan, Maine – a district famous for its shoe manufacturing. From the engineers in the factory, a special production line was built, made up of the best 28 workers and 5 craftsmen (longest career 25 years, total career of 33 workers: 265.5 years). The collection made from these talented workers was named “Super Team 33″, because of its production line #33, and because of the total number of workers on the team. They value “high quality” and “aggressiveness”, and create the best quality shoes in New Balance.” Via Hypebeast.
The sneakers are only sold in the best sneaker boutiques worldwide. See the other model in this pack right after the jump.

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