From the ground up

Matt George (owner of Goodfoot, Nomad, Random, etc) has just revealed some images of the upcoming Strage Brew pack.
“When SCTV was confronted by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for elegedly not having enough Canadian content on their show, comedians Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas simultaneously met the challenge and thumbed their noses at the government agency by creating two characters that would embody all that the world assumed to be true about Canada and Canadians. The McKenzie Brothers were an instant hit and have since come to represent Canadians’ ability to see their place in the world with a sense of humor and a grain of salt … or at least a jelly donut eh?

SCTV’s influence has been huge, as has Canada’s contribution to humor in both Television and film throughout North American culture, but Bob and Doug would be way pissed off if we failed to mention Canada’s other contributions to the world in the form of donuts, beer, hockey, winter, and – uh – more beer.

The project takes all these influences to heart while trying to translate and integrate something of Canada into the world of Nike SB. Winter gear and traditional outdoor fabrics merge with our simplicity and functionality, all the while having a good laugh at the fact that we are still often misunderstood and – not to mention – underestimated.”
Check out the pics, as the pack looks really promosing and features lots of nice details and materials that clearly link it to Canada.

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