Where the runway meets the street

Here we are giving you a little preview of what aNYthing has prepared for you for Spring 2007. They have some nice new tees aligned, but most interesting for now are for sure the Neckface collaboration longsleeves as well as caps in their line-up. While aNYthing does have a few very strong on-going designs, they are certainly one of these brands that mange to clearly stand out with their style. Their inspiration comes from so many backgrounds that it’s hard to label them, unlike so many other brands out there, that get many times their inspiration solely from a specific music genre or lifestyle. If there is one heavy inspiration in all aNYthing collections, then it’s clearly their NYC background. That’s what makes aNYthing who they are and so interesting.
Check out all the styles for Spring 2007, which will be getting to stores shortly, after the jump.

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