Where the runway meets the street

A.IN.T London (Art in Transit) is a new UK based label and creative collective established in early 2006 and spearheaded by Charlie Crockett and Max Fowler.
Created intially as a reaction to what they felt was a lack of clothing in the market that represented them or their interests, they took what to them was the natural step of making their own, at first strictly just for friends and fam.

Charlie: “We didn’t want to be defined by or pigeonholed by what someone else thought was a fresh graphic or piece of clothing that tied you down to just one subculture; so many brands out there had no relevance to what we’re about or what we find interesting. Making our own clothes just seemed like a natural solution; the first pieces we did were done purely for the love and for our friends; we made them in a garden shed just round the corner from my house.”

They’ve moved on a lot since then but all of their clothing is still 100% hand printed in London and they still retain the same hands on approach (see pics).Keen to not create anything that would be thought of as stereotypically ‘street’, their first official releases use Horror Comics of the 1950’s as their inspiration, flipped from their original colour palette into retina searing pinks and neon blues.The first series is called “Disrepectfully Yours”, something that Charlie and Max feels encapsulates the A.IN.T mindset and mentality perfectly.
See the lookbook of the first collection now after the jump and Lilly Allen already seems to be down with the brand – check it out!

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