Some super hot and limited items have now arrived at Stussy Direct. They got in the Stussy Wired Hack Watch. In comes in two colorways, silver and black and it is packages in a snakeskin box and comes with a metal and a cotton wristband. Definitely the nicest digital watch we have come across in a while. The watch is a Japan exclusive and except for eBay, this will probably be your only chance to get your hands on it.
They also received the 100% Triple Threat Beabrick. A collaboration piece between Stussy, Undefeated and Mad Hectic, of course produced by Medicom. As nice as it is, 75 USD for a 100% Beabrick are a little steep. Also look out for the Triple Threat t-shirts, that are available now along with the Josh Cheuse collaboration tees.

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