Where the runway meets the street

Plus41 is a creative agency from Lausanne, Switzerland. Founded by a bunch of graphic designers, they also started their own clothing line a few years ago and up until now they created one collection per year. That will change now and soon the brand will finally offer a Spring/Summer and a Fall/Winter collection.

Here you see now some pieces from their Spring/Summer 2007 collection. The graphic design background is evident and is what makes the brand interesting. The most iconic pieces this season are for sure the Beatles hoodie, featuring the 4 members of the Band in a pixel design and also the Mikado hoodie. Once again they also introduce interesting pieces out of sweatshirt material, that usually do not come in that material. To give an example, they created a M-65 vest/jacket this season. The collection is all cut & sew and is rather complete, consisting of pants, denim, jackets, t-shirts and more. Also look out for their girls line, as it sports some really nice pieces, with great twists and attention to detail.
Check out more of their Spring/Summer 2007 collection after the jump. The collection is now getting into stores.

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