Where the runway meets the street

After recently presenting you the MHI Autumn/Winter 2007 range, we now present you the collection of the more upscale Maharishi Autumn/Winter 2007 collection.
We can clearly say, that this is the strongest Maharishi collection we have seen in quite a while. Coats, jackets, pants, t-shirts, shoes – a very complete collection presenting in each category very strong pieces with a load of details in the form of embroideries, but also lots of very subtle pieces that simply impress with their cuts and materials.
Especially the coats for this coming A/W season look amazing. In fact there are so many nice ones, that it will be hard to settle and choose one (or a few) of them. Just like the name tells already, a good part of the collection is inspired by the seas, either by colorway or typical for Maharishi by the military forces, active on the seas. Lots of marine blue coats with thick emblem embroideries can be found in their new collection. Surprisingly very little of the collection features camouflage patterns, which is refreshing to see from Maharishi, even though we of course appreciate their camouflage pieces a lot.
Now enough is said. Have a look at the new collection after the jump. We tried to make a good selection of the nicest pieces.

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