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Today we bring you our next feature. Rip-off & Duplicate is one of the most exciting new brands launched in the last few months. Created by Omar, the same guy that already brought you the premium streetwear stores Commonwealth, you can be sure that a person with experience and knowledge in the industry is behind the brand.
With Rip-off & Duplicate he takes a bit of a different route and presents a line, entirely cut & sew, that offers a refreshing new style in terms of cuts, styles as well as designs and colors. While the basic pieces such as the tees and hoodies, stay basic in design, the jackets, shorts and other pieces stand out, due to top quality and a lot of attention to detail. With these attributes, Rip-off & Duplicate is already named next to brands such as Nom de Guerre, A.P.C. and Rittenhouse, while still keeping its own identity.

We spoke to Omar about his new line, what the inspiration behind it is, who he wants to reach with it and where it will be available. We also show you images of their very first collection, that is right now entering stores worldwide.
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