Where the runway meets the street

It is just incredible the amount of choice that Digital Gravel is offering these days. If you are looking for a t-shirt or a hoodie, there is no way around them. Since there is so much new stuff since we last checked we picked out our favorites of the new goods that arrived.
The brand Bread has some exciting Spring 2007 t-shirts. They launched a tee with a bullet proof vest printed on it in two colorways and also came out with a nice tee, showing three markers with examples of the style they mark in. Nice ideas. Especially the bullet proof design reminds us a bit in style of the Japanese brand Affa, that also always makes t-shirts with these kind of prints.
Digital Gravel also received the Diamond Supply & Co. crest logo tees in several colorways. It’s definitely one of the more subtle t-shirts that have come so far from the brand.
Check it all out after the jump.

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