The second colorway of the Fitted Hawaii Spring 07 cap, “Kala”, is being released.
“Kala which in Hawaiian translates simple into Money. Our spring goods had a theme of “KILL HATE”, The fall of men is Greed. History repeats it self time and time again. Envy & Greed all play a part in the hate of another Man or Woman. The Flowers represent growth and life, Things come and go. We also have a tonal print that repeats on the sweat band of the cap. The Hawaiian Proverb basically translates to “when love is giving, love should be received. Anger is the thing that gives no Life”. The hat is also made with Linen, and feature’s single needle embroidery in a repeat pattern. Along with this cap we are also releasing 2 new t-shirts.”
Read our Fitted Hawaii feature to see the tees and other hats of the Spring line.

The cap will release tomorrow, Saturday May5th, at Fitted Hawaii.

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