Where the runway meets the street

Goods just dropped their first delivery of their Spring 2007 collection. Once again they present many nice pieces. In this delivery you can find t-shirts, New Era caps and also a very nice windrunner. As usual the Goods in-store line looks very strong. The pinstripe New Eras look great and also the custom windrunner with embroidered Goods logo and tags in a dark purple is looking very nice.
It is interesting to see this trend of shops creating strong in-store lines in the past few years. Nowadays brands do not have to compete only with other brands in a store, but also with the store’s own brand. Especially when looking at Huf, Undefeated and Goods, that we feel have the strongest in-store lines at the moment, this is certainly the case. They have managed to draw as much attention to their brands, as to their stores and margins for them with their own lines in their own stores are of course great. The same trend took place in supermarkets already a few years ago and is nowadays a big problem for many brands. Where as years ago, people would create brands and then open flagship stores it is now just the other way around.
Anyways, head on after the jump now to see the complete Goods Spring 2007 Delivery 1.

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