Where the runway meets the street

Today we are glad to bring you some very special news – Gypsys & Thieves (GAT), the brand that was conceived in 1989 is back in full effect. At the time GAP was a one hit wonder. Many of its designs were created by a talented group of L.A. writers, that called themselves AWR.
At the time, GAT was “the” street brand and appealed to many kids active in the skater and/or tagger scenes. They were known to be the ones to perfectly translate the culture into their designs. They had a couple of very successful years at the time and now they are back. Many people that are in this industry since a long time or that have been fans since a long time will remember them and for sure look forward to have them back.
Therefore we are extremely happy to be able to present you their first range of designs, that will be dropping towards the end of August around the globe. Classics is not even the word – the same feel their designs had in 1989 can be felt in their new series now.
Check them all out after the jump.

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