From the ground up

Here you see the latest collaboration of Run Athletics. Tassho Pearce aka EMIRC of Flip the Bird Music label/clothing has teamed up with Run Athletics to design a Legacy shoe. The shoe is inspired by a native fish to the islands called the Humuhumunukunukuapuaa (pronuced WHO MOO WHO MOO NEW KOO NEW KOO AH POO AH AH). Set release date for the shoe will be tomorrow, Saturday 19th of May in limited quantities at In4mation Hawaii.
This is already the third collaboration of Tassho Pearce lately, as we have seen t-shirts and New Era caps with Flip the Bird logos in collaboration with Fitted Hawaii before.
Check out detailed pics of the sneaker after the jump, as there are many nice add-ons, color mixes and more on the sneaker.

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