Where the runway meets the street

Mishka has just released a preview of their new Summer 2007 collection. It is not the kind of preview that we usually see – a lookbook or the linesheets. This time they present it in a different way and explain their inspiration to each one of the designs.
Mishka is a brand that buries many references in their designs and while some are very obvious, others are not. Therefore this presentation is interesting to check out. Not only you get to see what will soon be in store, you also get an idea of the design and thinking process of the brand. Many nice new designs, including collaborations with Span of Sunset and House33 are in the new collection.

These days we have many conversations with people about the state of streetwear, hype, etc. Most people think that soon the market will start shrinking again, mainly due to the fact that too many brands with too similar product and not enough differentiation are out there. When talking about the ones that will stay, Mishka is always one of the first ones to be named, because they do their own thing. No similarity to any other brand out there, they created their own market and stay true to their style every season.
Anyways, check out the Summer 2007 outlook here.

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