Where the runway meets the street

Vanguard, the Italian streetwear brand, is growing every season. We remember a while ago when they started with a few t-shirts. Now we already see them collaborating, producing cut & sew hoodies and jackets in Italy and clearly creating their own style.
Their new website is now online and showcases their Summer 2007 collection, which will be shipping to stores this week. Since SlamJam took the brand into their hands for distribution in Italy, you can be sure that Vanguard will pop up at a few more doors this season.
While their Summer 2007 collection can be checked out on their website, we already want to give you an outlook at their Fall/Winter collection for later this year, which will be bigger than ever and sport t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies and jackets. Check some of the F/W styles out after the jump.

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