Today we have the pleasure to present you something really special: Dirt Ollies – A Skatboard Trip to Mongolia. The trip has been sponsored by Carhartt Europe and after four years they are now finally releasing the book and movie documenting this very special and unique adventure.
Based on a photo of a giant skatepark in the center of Ulaanbaatar that was taken two years beforehand, a group of eleven skateboarders took the challenge in July 2004 and found themselves face to face with the ruins of the park, that had been torn down just three weeks earlier.
A voyage through the joy and pain of skateboarding, random architecture, endless countryside and the knowledge of how to ollie on dirt.
Soon Colette will hold an exhibition of pictures featured in the book. Make sure not to miss that. But until then please check out our feature on the book and have a look at the many great pictures of this exciting journey.
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