Frank151 started off in 1999 as a school assignment to create an original publication. The creation of a pocket sized book of high quality was the idea and its founders have achieved something very special since then, creating a new platform for creatives and companies, many of which have their roots in the streetculture. Nowadays Frank151 still sticks to the same principles that they had since day one and you will only find the book/magazine in independent stores, that have similar ideas than the ones the magazine wants to communicate.
Now we are in 2007 and Frank151 opens a new chapter, after also recently opening their first retail outlet in New York City, Frank’s Chop Shop. Frank151 launches their French Edition. Expect the same quality material, but with the European flavor. Once again the magazine can only be picked up at selected locations  – expect it to pop up at stores such as Lazy Dog, Colette, Black Rainbow, Starcow and others. 
The first French Edition is designed like a French Champaign Bottle – we could not imagine a better idea. A few weeks ago we were in Paris and had the pleasure of reading the first issue and one can only congratulate the French team, as they really managed to create their very own Frank151. Congratulations!
Check out after the jump some pagespreads to give you an idea about the first issue.

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