While the rest of the country took time off work this past weekend to celebrate our fallen heros, UNITED was hard at work putting the final touches on their newest venture, ‘UNITED LOS ANGELES’.  ‘Our biggest concern was to NOT compete with ANY of the amazing stores that already carry our brand’s product.  We are treating UNITED LOS ANGELES more like a private art gallery than a typical retail store.  UNITED LOS ANGELES will feature rare, exclusive and one of a kind items from our artists, giving our brands the ability to satisfy their true artistic needs and at the same time adding value to their brand.  Our brand’s seasonal collections will remain with their existing retail accounts. We have also done a deal with the publishing company, Gingko Press and and we will have a laser engraving machine onsite that is going to blow people away!  We also sent one of our partners to Japan just to pick up some very special new brands and product!  We could not be more proud and excited!’ Says UNITED cofounder Rama Mayo.
This ‘Members Only’ Boutique will be opening in the heart of Hollywood this coming weekend with events, June 2nd, 3rd & 4th. UNITED LOS ANGELES is located at 1642 N. Cahuenga Blvd Suite #201.  One block north of Morphine Generation and the recently opened NIKE ID store and directly above the bar TOKIO.
1642 N. Cahuenga Blvd Suite 201 Hollywood CA 90028
Opening Reception Saturday June 2nd & Sunday June 3rd
Grand Opening Event Monday June 4th (after party @ TOKIO)
Exclusive Apparel, Collectibles, Accessories & more from…
Afterbase (Japan) x Bijules NYC x Born Uniquorn x Copy x Easy Job (Japan) x Free Gold Watch x Game 2 Games (Japan) x Gingko Press x Leroy Jenkins x Mackdaddy (Japan) x Mad Foot (Japan) x Name Ribbon x Official x Product (Japan) x Quiet Life x SMO (Japan) x Stacks and Bundles & more.

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