PUMA and design bike manufacturer, Biomega, introduce the new PUMA 8-Speed Urban Mobility Bike as part of Urban Mobility collection, a premium accessories collection created with the needs of a city dweller in mind. This bike is for those who like to get places fast without fuss. Possessing the quintessential PUMA characteristics of fun and functionality, the new model has an 8-speed internal Shimano hub, integrated wire lock system, twin disc brakes and semi-fold design. This easy-folding design makes the bike a perfect travel companion and allows commuters easy access in and out of public transport, cars or elevators, without compromising the style or structure. The bike is available in two color options: love2ride (red) and darklove (grey) and available beginning this June at PUMA stores nationwide.
If you are in New York and want to take a test ride of the new PUMA Biomega, head to Hub Station at 73 Morton St. – NY NY. Check out more pictures of the bike after the jump.

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