A couple of weeks ago we launched our new uSnob community site. It is a site where anybody can register and share his finds with the rest of the community. You only need a pic, write a little description and need a link and can submit it to us. Make sure to register here, to be able to use it as well.
Here now our favorite uSnob posts from the last week:

  • Crazy Bathroom design
  • Google Maps application for great skate spots around the globe
  • Indigo Patagonia Hotel & Spa in Chile – just beautiful!
  • G-Shock x Transformers
  • Monocle June Issue – Seoul’s School of Modern Media
  • Match your Mini with a retro fridge

As you can see, some interesting stuff also happening on there. The more all of you use it, the more useful and interesting site it will become. You can not only post and share news with everybody, but also rate all the news. The site is also supposed to expand and go into topics that we cannot cover here on the frontpage – art, gadgets, really anything that you find interesting and want to share.
You can sign up here and then head on over to uSnob and start – it’s easy, quick and fun!

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