Where the runway meets the street

Here we give you a first look at an exciting new brand that was launched today – Gourmet.
The American-Italian DNA can be found in every piece of the Gourmet brand. The graphics for this season are all inspired by food, religion and music.  The collection pieces in the forth coming season, and every season going forward will incorporate fleece, jersey and any other “sweats” related materials and will be made in Italy, to nail home the origins of the brand itself.  As a complement to the apparel collection, their will be footwear, jewelry, and accessory releases throughout each season.

All partners are American-Italian, with decades of experience in contemporary menswear; design, manufacturing, and retail sides for both apparel and footwear. The brand is co-owned and creatively directed by Jon Buscemi, Greg Lucci, and Greg Johnsen.
The first difference that one sees when looking at the launch of Gourmet is a clear brand philosophy and a strong background. With tons of labels launching these days, another very important difference of Gourmet compared with others is, that these guys actually know what they are doing and did not decide over night, that they wanted to be part of the clothing game.
Check out the first Gourmet collection on their website here and also make sure to check out some previews after the jump. This is definitely one of the most exciting new brands to watch.

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