From the ground up

The “Drop Sneaker Not Bombs” project by Active Mailorder gets only more and more interesting with time. Today they are showing us the new éS collaboration models. In fact they did not only collaborate with éS, but are the first to introduce 2 completely new éS models – the Accel and the Arcane.
The top of the sneakers features a tear-away material based in terms of design on the Keffiyeh pattern, a traditional head dress of the Middle Eastern region. One you skated in these the material will tear away and reveal a sneaker/bomb pattern underneath. 

Not only technically these sneakers are more up to date than anything else, also in terms of design a lot of thinking went into them, which makes this a very special project. Just like the rest of the sneakers, these will drop on the 7th of July. The last two collaboration models of the project that will follow are the DC Collab and the Nike SB collab which we will both present you these coming days.
After the jump check out another Vans collab and Emerica collab that we did not show you in the first place.

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