From the ground up

New Balance announced today that the third collection of the Super Team 33 project has been designed by the New Balance European team and will feature a theme inspired by “fanzine” culture. The Fanzine 1400 shoe will debut at 33 retailers worldwide on July 20, 2007 and retail for $200.00. 
Fanzines, often created with scissors, paste and staples, and written on a typewriter, are known to have played a crucial part in communication within European youth sub culture in recent history. 
The Fanzine 1400’s feature a combination of premium full grain leathers and intricate printed materials. The rich, supple premium aniline leathers used on the shoes were selected to represent the high quality of the collection. The punch perforations in the vamp and midsole symbolize the heavily inked dots the period key on old typewriters would leave when typing onto fanzine paper. The shoe colors were chosen based on the most commonly used fanzine paper stock – fanzine writers typically use brightly colored paper stock as the type/text itself is always black, so red and blue paper is often used to give the fanzine a more colorful, high quality, eye-catching appearance. The “do it yourself” nature of fanzines is incorporated into the ST33 shoes through a variety of languages, illustrating the global nature of the collection and the fanzine concept. 
All of the shoes in the ST33 collection are built on the classic 1400 model which originally launched in 1994 and quickly became known for its comfort and basic, versatile design. Today, it has been reintroduced in an exclusive version with new material and design applications. 
Yet another impressive collection by the New Balance Super Team 33. Check out many detailed pictures of all three sneakers after the jump.

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