From the ground up

A few days ago you saw Roger Federer being part of the Nike Pro Figures by Michael Lau, right now the athlete is in Wimbledon, playing one of the most important tournaments of the year.
As a token of appreciation for Roger Federer’s amazing career success and his dominance of men’s tennis, Nike is surprising him with a luxury bespoke kit fit for a legend as he seeks his fifth consecutive Wimbledon title.

The kit, which has echoes of tennis outfits from the earliest days of the game, has been customized specifically for Roger at a level of quality that matches his championship talent; a bespoke jacket, sweater, and warm-up trousers for warm-up on court pre-game; a luxury leather tennis bag , and an on-court performance outfit. All of the product abides by tournament’s strict white dress code, but includes accents of majestic gold to honor of the reigning king of the Wimbledon court.
Definitely a pretty sleek outfit and nice branding on the side of Nike, just perfect for such a classic tournament!

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