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Today we introduce a new brand to you by people that have been in this business for a very long time. Reigning Champ is a new label by CYC Design Corporation. Does this name not ring a bell? CYC Design Corporation are the producers of all those heavy weight hoodies and crewneck sweaters of Supreme, Alife, aNYthing and others that we all love so much. Besides their own brand Wings & Horns, they are now also launching for Fall 2007 Reigning Champ, a line of basics.
We had a chat with their CEO to tell us a bit about the new line, who it is targeted at, where it will be available and especially what makes Reigning Champ so special, even though it is so simplistic. Of course we also give you a detailed first look at the Reigning Champ Fall 2007 collection.
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