Where the runway meets the street

Bond Internationl just released a very special series of Marvel vs. Technics t-shirts, that many of you should be very excited about, just like we are.
“Music and art have always been associated, and this is a team up that makes sense. DJ’s and urban DJ culture has great respect for the urban comic book style that is Marvel Comics. Well, this is natural, especially seeing as the cultures spawned from the same time, in the same city, in the same country. DJ and turntable pioneer Afrika Bambaataa created a historic record cover when he teamed up with the Soul Sonic Force to release ’Renegades of Funk.’ The album cover was taken straight from a Marvel Comics cover.”
Bond International released 12 t-shirts featuring the most famous Marvel characters interacting with the legendary Technics DJ equipment. Of course all tees are released in a limited edition and go for £25. Check them all out here.

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