From the ground up

It is always good seeing the upcoming goods of some of our favorite brands. But what makes a tradeshow really good is discovering new things as well. At United in NYC one of the most interesting things we came across was Troop. If you think that you have heard this before, then you are right. The sneaker brand that failed the first time is coming back. From what we could see the newly launched Troop does not have much to do with its old version, but the people at the booth told us, that re-issues will come.
From what we could see they are now trying to go more in the direction of Creative Recreation. Quality of the sneakers was definitely convincing, but we predict it to be hard to convince the consumer for the brand, as they are not anymore as individual as the first tome around and now other strong players are in the market.
Check out our preview of their first relaunch collection after the jump.

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