From the ground up

We just recently presented you an upcoming Bodega x Converse collaboration and now Sneaker Freaker is showing first pictures of a new Reebok Pump collab, by the Boston based store. The collaboration is themed around the Boston – NYC bus route.
“Evolving from small passenger vans to a fleet of state-of-the-art coaches operated from Boston’s South Station, the success of these independent bus lines has not been without controversy. Urban legends about racketeering, links to organized crime, torsos found in suitcases and really strange smells have been circulating since their inception. A recent spate of accidents hasn’t silenced the rolling thunder of these economy fleets either. Despite pictures of charred hulls of overturned coaches haunting the front pages of newspapers, ticket sales and the dominance of the Chinatown buses continues to grow.

So Boston’s own Bodega decided to create a pack in honour of the route closest to our hearts – the New York to Boston Route! Bodega and Reebok will give back to travelers what these bus lines have given for many years – freedom. Basically, the ESCAPE PACK is everything you need for a weekend away. From reading materials to music, clothing – you will be hooked up and on your way out of town.

Each pack is unique, and will have hidden treasures. There will only be 100 Travel Packs produced worldwide, and only one of them is guaranteed to win the ultimate prize, which includes an airline ticket, custom gear and the finest footwear. Keep your eyes peeled for a launch date for this novel idea!”
An amazing idea by Bodega and undone before, when you think we have seen it all when it comes to sneakers. We already look forward to this!

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